Allan Parker

On Borrowed Times – 2014

ON BORROWED TIME(S) – University of Westminster, 2014

On Borrowed Time(s) showcases the work of alumni and current students from the MA Photographic Studies at the University of Westminster. The exhibition explores of the paradoxes of capitalism as manifest in the art world, corporate and consumer cultures. The exhibition was shown March – April 2014 at INIVA,(The Institute of International Visual Arts).

The idea that photography should be involved in the critique of culture is central to independent art and photographic work. The question usually asked then is how and what role such work should play in critique? On the one hand, this can mean the use of existing images to re-examine their function, and to open them up as habits to other meanings and critique. On the other hand, photography can be used to produce new ways of looking at things, so we can see them in almost literally a new light.

Layal Ftouni (continues in Catalogue)