Allan Parker

Flash Of Light

This picture links to Pure Land Design page featuring the exhibition A Flash of Light at the V&A.

Flash of Light

Chris Nash’s 2011 exhibition Flash Of Light at the V&A celebrated his 30 years of contemporary dance photography, mainly of the Independent Contemporary Dance scene in London. Exhibition designed by Allan Parker,  including  the identity of the show, logos, design and production of large prints and wallpaper as a background to the 3 sections (performance, studio, portrait) as well as the production of text panels and graphic elements in the digital displays. It also includes an accurate plan of the hang so the exhibition can be installed by a third party.  Architectural elements designed by David Jode

Curator: Jane Pritchard (V&A) Producer: Kate Bailey (V&A) Production Manager: Anna Landreth-Strong (V&A) As well as the exhibition there is also a book, ‘Stopmotion’ also designed previously by Allan Parker (Pure Land) for sale in the V&A bookshop.